Mobile App Club.

Every Wednesday at 7:00pm

220 Caldwell Labs | The Ohio State University

We make mobile apps

We're mobile developers with the same goal: Becoming mobile developers. Everyone has their own approach – whether it's using agile over waterfall or using iOS over Android. That doesn't matter to us. We're here to help make it awesome. We're here to help you grow. We're here to teach you something new. We're here to make sure you ship it.

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Anyone can join

We don't care if you're a designer, entrepreneur, or a developer. That goes for experience levels too. If you want to learn how to make mobile apps, we're here to support you.


We meet every Wednesday at 7:00 in 120 Caldwell Labs. We like to open each meeting with discussion about recent news in the mobile field. We move into the weekly lecture, which can be anything from a guest speaker or a talk on the newest framework after the meeting's lecture. To close, we break into groups and work on our mobile projects.

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